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LINK: My Son's Father Killed Him for Insurance Money. Full Justice Hasn't been Served. (Washington Post)

LINK: Create culture of inclusion if you want true workplace diversity (The Seattle Times)

LINK: The Other Wounded Warriors (The New York Times)

LINK: The time for federal legislation to reform family court is now (The Washington Post)

LINK: Jack Straw Podcast (Includes interview with curator Jourdan Keith about the writing process and an excerpt from my book)

News Reports

This was the first article that was written about my son Prince (as the article refers to him - Prince McLeod Rams).  This editorial raises a lot of questions about what happened in both Prince William County, VA, and Montgomery County, MD.  I hope it makes those who had a hand in what happened to my son take a second look at their own behavior and how they may have contributed to this terrible tragedy:

LINK: Death of a toddler raises questions in Montgomery, Pr. William

The Associated Press report on this case.  Several news outlets have picked this up, but this appears to be the complete report:

LINK: Toddler's death prompts review of 2 other deaths

Fox Local news was the first to run a television story about Prince:

LINK: Child's death raises questions about 2 other deaths

News of the arrest

LINK: Montgomery Court System Failed Prince McLeod Rams

LINK: Manassas Man is charged with murder in alleged drowning of his 16 month old son

LINK: Joaquin Rams arrested for allegedly killing Prince McLeod Rams

LINK: Va. Father, Joaquin Rams, charged with toddler's murder

LINK: Virginia Father Charged With Toddler's Murder (NBC NEWS CLIP)

LINK: Manassas Dad Took 560K Policy on Toddler Before Death


The Conviction

LINK: Virginia Man Guilty of Capital Murder - Washington Post

LINK: Manassas Father Convicted of Capital Murder in Toddler Death - Faquier Times



LINK: Man gets life without parole for killing son for insurance - New York Times (AP)

HuffPost Perspectives | Why I Chose to Be a Single Parent

Crime Watch Daily | Three Part Video Series

Congressional Hearing



  1. Nuther Mother on December 3, 2012 at 8:36 am


    I hope this judge gets to rethink his “brilliant” decision everytime he sees one of these articles, because I think there will be alot of them. Family Courts are huge joke and an unsafe place to decide any child’s fate.

    I’m so very sorry for your loss Hera. Blessings to you and as you speak up for your lost angel, I pray that your voice bring changes to a broken system. Peace be with you. (10 years in Family Court in Texas and still counting – my daughter is 11)

  2. Pamela Fisher on December 15, 2021 at 12:17 am

    Hera-just watched you on P.I. You’re such a strong woman! I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope your life is going well and you’re living your best life with your beautiful little family. God bless you. I think you’re an amazing fighter. Thank your for showing up and demanding justice. God Bless you. I know it has to be so hard.

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