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Hera McLeod | Blogger | Author

About Hera

Hera McLeod is a Washington, DC-based writer, speaker, and civil rights activist. She is known for speaking out against the silence, particularly on the topics of civil rights for women and children, domestic violence, and Family Court reform. She was a 2017 Jack Straw Writing Fellow, and has published OpEd pieces in The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, and The New York Times. Hera has made several television appearances to include The Today Show, The Tony Danza Show, Crime Watch Daily, and DC news affiliates for CBS, ABC, and Fox. Her story was also highlighted on an episode of Discovery + Citizen PI series. In addition to television appearances, Hera has also testified before the United States Congress on the topics of civil rights and the protection of children. She testified in front of the Maryland Family Court Reform working group as well as Maryland Legislators. Her participation helped lead to the passage of legislation in Maryland for Judicial education on the topic of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. Hera is also a co-host on The Mocha Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) Podcast.Read Hera's Story...