Seeking Different Press

Motivational speaking • Writing • Consulting • Professional training

If your company (or non-profit organization) is looking for a paid speaker/trainer in the following areas, please don't hesitate to contact me:

  • Surviving and Thriving After Trauma
  • Turning Trauma into Triumph and Advocacy
  • Writing your Story/The Healing Practice of Writing

I offer a few key trainings for first responders and court professionals (judges, lawyers, social workers, etc):

  • Understanding Observation vs Inference (and how to avoid bias seeping into a court report)
  • Understanding/Identifying Trauma Responses in DV Survivors
  • Be the Change: Tips on Family Court Reforms from a Survivor
  • Citizen Crime Investigations - The story of how I investigated the serial killer who ended up killing my son and pushed our justice system to finally charge and convict a murderer.
Hera McLeod speaking at Western Iowa Tech Community College
Hera speaking to a group during her training session titled "Observation vs. Inference for First Responders and Supervised Visitation Professionals" during the first Annual Crittenton Center Summit: From Challenge to Change, held at Western Iowa Tech Community College.