Podcast: Seeking Different

Single Mother by Choice (former co-host of The Mocha SMC Podcast) Hera McLeod teams up with her precocious nine year old daughter Estela for the podcast “Seeking Different”. The Mom and Kid duo explore what it looks like to navigate the world as a non-traditional family. They discuss hot topics such as donor sibling relationships, family travel, school choice, race relations, and navigating the playground.


Season 1, Episode 1: Living Out McLeod - Single Mother by Choice Family

Season 1, Episode 2: A Mama, Mom, and Twin Donor Siblings

Season 1, Episode 8: It Takes a Village

Season 2, Episode 3: Chatting with Donor Conceived Community Founder Melissa Lindsey

Hera McLeod podcast

The Mom

Hera, the Mom, is a former co-host of the Mocha SMC Podcast and proud Single Mother by Choice. She is a leader in tech, children's civil rights advocate, author, and public speaker. She's a mom who isn't afraid to be honest with her kids and answer the hard questions. Since she cannot "fix her face", she frequently prefers to chat about deep thoughts in the car so that her children are free with their words and can't see mom's reaction. When planning the podcast "Seeking Different", she imagined parents listening to the show while in the car together and the topics spurring healthy, necessary conversations between parents and kids.

The Kid

The Kid

Estela, the Kid, is intelligent, sensitive, inquisitive, kind, and athletic. This podcast was Estela's idea. When Hera decided to step away from the Mocha SMC Podcast, Estela asked her if she could be her new co-host. Estela was interested in exploring the topics of non-traditional families, belonging, and showing the world how a Mom and Kid family navigates the world. Estela is wise beyond her years and isn't afraid to ask the hard questions. She's the type of kid who can be silly with her sister, laughing about potty jokes, and then five minutes later discuss the differences between civil and criminal court proceedings.