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Training on Domestic Violence and Trauma in Family Court Saves Lives

(Names have been changed to protect the surviving children associated with this case.) “I can be shrill and unlikeable, but it’s because I am panicked for my sons,” Tracey, a survivor of domestic violence, wrote to me two years ago while she was fighting to protect her children from a man whom she believed was…

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Can Women Date While Pregnant? A Group of Single Parents Responds

“Why can’t you date while you are pregnant?” My friend Robert asked, cocking his head to the side curiously. “You have clearly lost your mind,” I responded, laughing and nearly spilling my coffee in the process. Just a month before meeting with Robert for coffee, I ended a serious relationship. Robert wondered when I would start dating…

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The Testimony of Maggie Avedisian, Ph.D.

Over the years, I often think of all of the people who were involved in my son’s murder. While Joaquin is serving time for what he did to Prince, many of the people who helped him gain access to my son have faced zero consequences for their role in the murder. By the time we…

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Do Black Lives Really Matter In Seattle Public Schools?

Last week, Seattle teachers participated in Black Lives Matter at School Week where many of the teachers wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts and taught lessons about black history as part of a national week of action. While I can appreciate the sentiment of this gesture, I question how willing Seattle schools are to do the…

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Montgomery County’s Supervised Visitation Center – Great First Step Toward Protecting Children

Five years ago, Montgomery County, MD judge Michael Algeo sentenced my son Prince to death by granting his father Joaquin Rams unsupervised visitation. On the fourth visit, Rams murdered Prince. This past summer, Virginia courts proved that Rams plotted Prince’s murder during our entire custody case, in hopes to obtain over $500,000 in life insurance. I fought…

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I Am Writing a Book!

  THE SITUATION: Seven years ago, I met a psychopath. That psychopath presented a story about himself that was a complete lie – from his profession, to his family, to even his birth name. By the time I learned that he was the suspect in the murder of two people (his own mother Alma Collins…

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The Impact Statement

Yesterday, my son’s father was sentenced to life without parole  in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the capital murder of my son Prince. It has been almost five years since my son was murdered, and I have had to endure a justice system that is designed to give the criminal every opportunity to defend –…

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The Awkward Smile of Grief

I haven’t blogged in a few years. One of the main reasons I stopped was so that nothing I said could possibly negatively impact the murder trial surrounding my son’s death. On Thursday April 13, 2017, this changed – Joaquin Rams was finally convicted of the capital murder of my son Prince. Rams will spend…

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Passing: A Bi-Racial Perspective On Racial Inequality In America

  In the past few years, it seems like topic of race has gotten to a boiling point many times.  Particularly, it seems, as it relates to the American Justice System.  When Trayvon Martin was gunned down in February of 2012, I sat in horror as his killer walked free under the baffling and absurd…

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