Prince’s Lessons – The important things in life

Prince always helped me put things into perspective.  He went through life holding onto important people and enjoying all of the new things he was learning.  He was independent (or tried to be when I would let him), intelligent, and happy.  He reminded me of a little old man trapped in a toddler’s body.  Here are some of the things I remember about him – some of the things that made him special.  I will call them “Prince Lessons”:

1)  Hugs and kisses make everyone feel better:  Prince always knew when I was upset and he would drop whatever he was doing and come to hug and kiss me.  The Wednesday before he died (during back to school night), there was a little girl in his class who was crying.  Prince had been ready to leave, but when he saw the girl crying he literally jumped out of my arms, ran over to her, stroked her hair, hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek.  Then, he smiled and was ready to leave.

2)  When there is music – you should dance:  Prince had a stuffed monkey that wiggled its head and shoulders when you pressed its stomach.  This monkey, sadly, taught my son how to dance.  Every time that boy would hear music play, he would do the monkey dance.  No matter where we were or what needed to be done, Prince always took a few seconds to stop and enjoy the music.  I miss the little head bobbling in the back seat of my car and the wiggle that would break out in the middle of a crowded mall.

3)  Put the phone down:  I am ashamed to admit that I spent the majority of Prince’s life thinking about how I was going to try and save him.  I spent hours on the phone with attorneys when I should have been playing, kissing, hugging, and enjoying my son.  At night, when I came home from work, I would try and put aside “Prince Only” time.  Sometimes, when I would forget and pick up the phone…Prince would always find a way to hide the phone in one of his toys as if he wanted to tell me it wasn’t important.  When I would try to text every so often while I was nursing him, he would swat my phone away like a fly and make sure I was just looking at him.  I am thankful he did that because it meant that I had more memories of just watching him.  It didn’t matter how long I spent on the phone with the lawyers – I still wasn’t able to save him.  What ended up mattering more was the time I spent looking into his beautiful brown eyes and making sure he knew how much I loved him.

4)  Group hugs make people happy:  One of my son’s favorite activities was grabbing multiple family members and bringing them into a group hug.  Prince loved his people and he loved when we all hugged each other.  The smile that would come over his face when he successfully got more than one person to hug him at the same time is forever burned into my memory.


5)  Baby don’t like evil:  My son loved people.  At times, he would jump into the arms of a complete stranger and smile from ear to ear.  Other times, however, he would scream so loudly and so shrill that I would wonder if we needed to call in an exorcist.  Prince screamed when in the company of the lawyer who always asked for money, the strangers who obviously didn’t like children, and most interestingly – he always screamed around Luc.  No need for further explanation here.


6)  If Grandpa eats it, hears it, or looks it – so do I:  While it is tough to admit, Prince was more than just a Mama’s boy – he was Grandpa’s boy.  If Grandpa was going somewhere, Prince wanted to go.  If Grandpa ate something, Prince wanted to eat it.  Prince loved Grandpa’s hats.  If Grandpa put a hat on his head, he never wanted to take it off.  He would walk around the room with his head as still as possible just so that it wouldn’t fall off of his head.  Grandpa buried Prince in one of Grandpa’s hats.  Prince knew good people and my dad was “his people”.


These are just a few of the lessons that I learned from Prince.  Many people live an entire lifetime without touching as many people as Prince touched.  Even though there are so many people who ache with me for the loss of this beautiful angel, I am not willing to let his legacy end here.  My job and my calling is to never let people forget about my baby boy.  Before he died, I always told me that if it were just me and him forever – I would be the happiest Mama alive.  I didn’t get that wish.  I have to continue on without him.

I keep wanting to tell his story.  I talk about him to complete strangers.  I show them the pictures of him on my phone.  I am constantly reminded of how horrible this all is when I see the looks on their faces when I tell them that the beautiful baby boy I am talking about is gone.  I talked about Prince all the time before he was gone.  Now, however, its turned weird for people.  Instead of sharing in my pride and joy – they are sharing in my pain and suffering.

I dream of a day when I can think about my son without thinking about his father.  I dream of a day when I can talk about my son without looking at horror in the eyes of the recipient.  My son deserves justice, child deserve protection, and Mama deserves peace.  I pray for all of the above.







  1. Christine on December 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    I will be praying for all the above as well. Prince was quite a little man. I just want to cry when I look at his precious face and read about his cute and loving little antics. He was obviously a reflection of you and the love you bestowed upon him. He was so blessed to have you as his mama. God bless you, Hera. And God bless your little Prince who lives on, thank God, because no one can take away our eternal life which is freely given through Christ.

  2. Allie on December 10, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    He taught us all these lessons. One of my favorite memories of him is when he would be crawling on the table as we were sitting at dinner, visiting all of his people. All of the people who treasured him more than anything. There is most certainly a hole without you, baby. You will forever be loved by your people.

  3. Mara on January 25, 2013 at 10:27 am

    My heart grieves so deeply for you and your baby boy–my first relationship was with a sociopath, and I have spent the past two years trying to move past him and on with my life. It has been a hard, painful and lonely journey, with no one understanding (or caring to understand) why I stayed with him, and the hardest experience of my life: I cannot imagine your added pain of losing your child. Reading your blog and hearing the cold, judgmental responses of law, police and hospital officials to your concerns and pleas is just so reminiscent of how I have been treated as well–I applaud you for refusing to stay silent and for fighting for justice against those who by their inaction contributed to Prince’s death. More people need to know about these monsters walking around among us–thank you for speaking out! My heart is with you.

  4. Ginger on May 31, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    We live in a world, with a legal system, that is invested in parents’ rights, which are very different than children’s rights.
    Our world is not a kind place to children.
    Thank you for representing children’s rights.