The Shape Shifter

One of the first things that I should have noticed that was off about Luc was his ability to shift reality to fit his own needs.  Luc will lie to your face, get caught in the lie, and still try to convince you that he did not lie to you and that, in fact, it was a misunderstanding on your part.  During my recent court proceedings with Luc, I have been driven to the point of madness watching him testify under oath to such ridiculous lies (and continue to do so even after they have been proven to be lies).  In case any of you out there are in need of some comic relief, here are just a few that I remember from the past year:

1)  Luc “forgets” when he was born:

Lawyer during cross examination:  “Luc – how come you initially told the court you were born in 1977, but the social security administration reports you as having been born in 1972?”

Luc: “See…what happened was…I was really born in 1972 but state of Virginia gave me a birth certificate with the wrong year and so I was born in ’77..I sort of have two different birth certificates…and one of them I used to get my license….” (Luc was born in the state of New York so at this point most of the court should be wondering how Luc obtained a birth certificate from a state he wasn’t born in)

2)  Luc invents attacks against him

A week after we were in court for custody (and a few days before we had to go back), Luc claimed he had been attacked by one of my relatives after the court hearing.  He didn’t file any sort of police report that day, but he was so insistent that this “attack” took place right outside the courthouse that his lawyer went as far as to subpoena the surveillance tapes from that day.

Of course after reviewing the tapes, it was clear that Luc had invented this story as the tape showed Luc calming walking down the street and getting into his car without a sole around him or approaching him.  In the face of this lie, the story shifted and changed.  Even with evidence (surveillance tapes) that he had completely fabricated the event, he continued to tell everyone who would listen to him that the judge viewed this “attack” in chambers and that the surveillance tapes proved that he had been attacked.

When the judge asked Luc what had occurred (while he was on the stand), the story changed from “I was attacked” to “some older woman who’s name I do not know, but whom I know must have been related to Hera…yelled from across the street something that led me to believe my life was being threatened.”  (Note:  Luc did not say this as eloquently as I have depicted it, however, this was the jist when translated into commonly spoken American English.)

3)  Delusions of grandor

When I met Luc, he told me he was signed to a major record label.  He sat in his room and, I guess, pretended to make music.  Even after my lawyers proved that he had never made a dime from singing (and that he wasn’t  signed by any record label), he told the court that he was hoping to get his career started and that he makes money writing music in his bedroom.  There is no need to go into this lie further.  As pathetic as this sounds, I feel even more pathetic for actually believing it at one point.

4)  Sexual Attraction (that is all in his head)

Luc had a habit of always telling me how lucky I was to be with someone as attractive as him.  When we would go out to dinner, he would routinely tell me that women would approach him while I was in the bathroom.  I am still not sure if he told me these stories because he was afraid I would one day wake up and realize he was a moron or if he actually was delusional enough to think these things happened to him.  I always wondered why I never SAW any of these advances.  Now I realize its because they never actually happened (outside of Luc’s head of course).

I am guessing that when asked about what happened between me and him, he will to this day claim that he left me and that I am constantly trying to win him back.  I say this because this is what he claimed happened with the woman before him.  It wasn’t until I left and spoke to her myself that she was as desperate as I was to get the hell away from him.  I am not sure why he continues to perpetuate the lie that every woman who has dated him feels as if she cannot live without him.  As hard as we are all trying to wake up from this nightmare, that story is just not plausible.


Despite the fact that I have had a horrible day (I actually stormed out of my lawyers office after he basically told me I needed to “get a grip” in a patronizing tone), I can still step back at the end of the day and just laugh at all the stupid shit Luc has said over the last year.

He is a shape shifter and a man without a soul.  He shifts into whatever works to hold up whatever lie he has told.  Fighting him in court is like playing an impossible game of dodgeball.  Imagine being that kid in 6th grade who is the last kid standing on her dodgeball team. (except imagine this kid fighting for her life instead of playing dodgeball)  The kid on the other side that she is up against keeps morphing into something else (all different shapes and sizes) every time she tries to throw a ball at him.  Instead of balls flying at the girl, she is dodging bullets and knives.