I want to walk off into the sunset…without the Psycopath

Tomorrow my son will have to endure another full day with Luc (the ex spath).  I wish I could say it gets easier, but it really doesn’t.  I don’t think it will ever be easy turning my innocent little baby boy over to a man who I know is such a terrible monster.  Every day baby boy spends with him, he is more at risk of enduring physical and/or emotional damage.  It isn’t a matter of IF, its a matter of WHEN.  I want more out of life for baby boy than lies, criminal behavior, and failure.  (Basically all that surrounds Luc)  I would argue that anyone who has ever come into contact with Luc is worse off somehow for having had contact.  My lawyers described Luc as the runaway train on the tracks killing and/or generally harming anyone who comes into contact with him.

Yesterday, Drew Peterson was finally convicted of killing one of his ex-wives.  The murder happened in 2004 and it took another one of his wives disappearing before the police had the bright idea that it could have been Peterson.  I wonder how many others will have to be victimized by Luc before the police finally get him for what he has done.

The most intriguing part of the Drew Peterson case was that the Illinois courts actually created a new law they dubbed “The Drew Law” because it allowed victims to “speak from the grave” through friends and family.  This is brilliant!  While murderers who like to silence victims would hate this law, I imagine it would bring people like Luc to justice a lot quicker.  True psychopaths don’t leave evidence.  Everyone knows they did it because of the victims own words and spoken fear before their death – they count on this never entering into evidence because they know about hearsay laws.

Today I was told by someone in the police department to “be patient” and let justice take its course.  That is easy to say for someone who can go home to a quiet and safe evening with their family.  For my family, we have to get our toddler ready for bed knowing that tomorrow we will need to turn him over to a murderer.  If this was their child – they would work day in and day out to make sure they arrested this man.

I can’t choose to walk off into the sunset and pretend that Luc doesn’t exist.  Anyone who has a child with a psychopath (especially one as vindictive and money starved as Luc), cannot just “move on”.  While other victims move on and are thankful when the psychopath finds his new target, we are forced to stick in the fight for our children.  I can’t afford to be patient and “wait for justice” so I choose to continue to fight.

In the Drew Peterson case, it was the family who never gave up – this is what ended up convicting this man.




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  1. Debbie on February 20, 2013 at 10:14 am

    This extract is just chilling. Having to hand your innocent baby into the care of a murderer…