The Bitch Slap of the Day Goes to…

I have recently wondered why certain people take jobs that require public service if they don’t actually want to help people.  Is it just to say they are serving the public?  Do they expect a gold star?  Well folks, this is not third grade and I am no longer a teacher.  I am out of practice of giving gold stars.
In college, my crew coach told us a story about one of his practices when he had been on the U.S. Olympic Rowing team.  Anyone who knows about crew knows that seven people in the boat could be completely on point with their stroke and just one person having a bad day would throw off the entire boat.  One day during one of the practices, one of the rowers was hell bent on messing things up for the entire boat.  After practice was over, my coach got out of his seat, walked the gunnels of the boat (passing completely over the top of his teammates), and slapped the screw up in the face.  My coach then calmly made his way back to his seat.
I tell this story to make a parallel to Justice in America.  In order for our country to actually work, everyone has to be carrying their own weight.  Especially those who choose to be in the boat.  (i.e. judges, lawyers, police officers, etc)  If you choose to be in the boat, you need to row your best and you can’t expect to get a gold star for doing your job.  If you decide to allow your jaded and corrupt nature to sink the boat, however, you deserve to be bitch slapped by your teammates (the American public).
When I entered Family Court, I was merely a spectator.  I had little to no control over how well that boat rowed.  I could scream and offer encouragement from the sidelines, but I was not handed an oar to help get the boat of justice to the finish line.  Unfortunately, my son’s fate was left in the hands of a sleepy, angry, and disgruntled legal “athlete” – Judge Algeo.  The other rowers consisted of money hungry attorneys concerned about their own reputation over the outcome of the race, scared and timid social workers who had just learned how to row, and corrupt psychologists where were paid to stop rowing and sink the boat.  My son’s boat of justice sunk as a result of this miserable team of rowers.
So the bitch slap of the day, however, still goes to Judge Algeo because he was the team captain.  He signed up for that job.  Our tax dollars paid to put him into that position and he had a civil duty to make sure the boat didn’t sink.
Even though you are no longer here, Mama has grabbed the oars in this boat and I will no longer be silent.  People will know your name.  People will know how you died and they will know the individuals who refused to protect you.  I will carry you in my heart and I will speak for you.  I will not be silent.


  1. traumatized on November 14, 2012 at 8:57 am

    This comment is for your last several quotes in addition to this one…You Go Girl! Your First Ammendment Right to Freedom of Speech allows you the capacity to post names of individuals involved in your case…When you speak the truth they have nothing to come after you with. The squeaky wheel, gets oiled (AKA attention)…everything you post on the internet will be seen with just an entry of a name or event, the individuals involved in your case (and mine) need exposed. Reprehensible actions of all these individuals has devistated many…I’m sure we are not alone. The “system” is broken beyond repair, we need reform. I would love to throw an anchor through the boat of any and all Prosecutors, Attorneys, Judges, Guardian Ad Litems, DCS Caseworkers, Police, Teachers, Counselors, Psychologists and Doctors who have all allowed an Abusive Narcissistic Psychopath criminal to get away with Solicitation and Criminal Conspiracy Murder for Hire then grant custody of 3 children to this perpetrator which allows him free reign to abuse my children every second they are with him. How do these people sleep at night? You are the voice of many…stay strong and take care of yourself. Peace be with you (((HUGS)))

  2. stillhere on November 15, 2012 at 5:46 am


    That was an excellent story and example of the failure of the justice system. They definitely sunk the boat and I wish all spectators could slap them.


  3. Hilary on November 17, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    I’ve made it my personal mission in my job as an educator to get my students to take personal responsibility for their actions. To pull their weight in our boat. To act with integrity.
    Last night, I was out with a couple of new female acquaintances, and I shared jokingly that I had a bit of a crush on a co-worker who’s married. They encouraged me to go after him. I was shocked, and told them I’d never do that. They needed to ask, “Why not?” The first thing that came to mind was, “Because I would never want someone to do that to me.” Both women looked at me as if the Golden Rule was a brand new concept.
    I know there are people out there who share my values, but I’m realizing how few and far between those people are. I’m impressed by the way you’re standing up for your son’s memory and calling those responsible to the reckoning. If we all did this–in our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, the world might be that much better for it.
    “In a 1976 study anthropologist Jane M. Murphy, then at Harvard University, found that an isolated group of Yupik-speaking Inuits near the Bering Strait had a term (kunlangeta) they used to describe “a man who … repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and … takes sexual advantage of many women—someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment.” When Murphy asked an Inuit what the group would typically do with a kunlangeta, he replied, “Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking.”

  4. Judwa on November 26, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    My commitment to you is to help spread Prince’s story! Support you and your love for your son… Mothers unite!!

    • cappuccinoqueen on November 26, 2012 at 8:44 pm

      Thank you for helping me and joining the movement. This “father’s rights to a fault” needs to end NOW.

  5. Madmacks on November 27, 2012 at 2:58 pm


    Please know that the ‘conspiracy of silence’, as Dr. Hervey Cleckley described the indifference of Judges, lawyers and psychological professionals about psychopathy, is a problem for everyone, not just women.

    My attorney told me that it’s commonly known in the divorce industry that ‘high conflict’ divorces have, at least, one person with a personality disorder. It’s also well know that psychopaths are constantly in court. Everyone knows that psychopathy is the problem, but they all refuse to acknowledge it or do anything about it. A second attorney told he he didn’t want to “embarrass the judge” by pointing it that he had been folded by a psychopath.

    We all have to continue to speak out about our experiences and demand that the courts properly consider how psychopathy cause conflict.

    Dr. Stanton Samenow, the evaluator in my case, was told directly that I was concerned that my ex-wife and her father were psychopaths and that they were alienating me from my children, he ignored me completely. He knew that I was right, but didn’t want to admit that he had been fooled.

    The irony is that they are all so concerned about labeling the ‘psychopath’, but the psychopath could care less about lying and fooling them, in order to get what they want.