The “Cover Up” Rumor Mill in MOCO

It has come to my attention that the Montgomery County, MD courts are buzzing with rumors about the circumstances surrounding my son’s death.  I have heard from two separate sources that these “rumors” could have been started (and perpetuated) some attorneys in the neighborhood who might be worried about their reputations.  While I can understand why this particular woman might have a personal motivation to convince the courts (and her counterparts)  to believe that my son died of natural causes, she would have no evidence which would lead her to these assumptions other than what she might have heard from Luc himself. (And you can imagine the extreme lack of credibility in that source.)  No need to call her out by name…she knows who I am talking about.

If Prince was murdered during this unsupervised visit, this rumor spreader would have to admit that her unrelenting support of Luc could have played an instrumental role in what happened to my son.  I suspect that as the truth emerges and we learn what really happened to my son in Luc’s house, several of the professionals who backed him will begin to scatter and make excuses for their own behavior.

The most unfortunate thing about my son’s death is that it could have been avoided.  Several people in this process (this “injustice system”) aided Luc in his efforts and, I believe, should be held responsible for my son’s death.  From the moment I fled Luc’s house, I knew he was extremely disordered.  The more I learned about this man, the more I realized that he is incapable of normal human compassion and is extremely dangerous.
One of the people who told me about the rumors being spread around the courts said to me, “you should feel bad for this attorney because she was just another woman Luc conned.”  Initially, this may have been the case.  I can imagine Luc walking into his attorney’s office, with a tear stained face, crying about how much he missed his baby.  After listening to Luc’s deposition, however, she was given a horrifying education.  She had enough information to know that the only money Luc had, he had gotten as a result of all the people who had died around him.
When the truth comes out about what happened to my son, which I believe it eventually will, all of the people who supported this man (after knowing exactly what he is capable of) should be held responsible.  With the testimony against Luc that came out during the Custody War, it would not take a huge leap to understand that Luc is disordered.   It should be no shock that something else terrible has happened around Luc.  He will eventually be held accountable for the terrible things he has done; however, what will happen to those who stood beside him and championed  for his “father’s rights”?  Will they be forced to come to terms with their role in this?  Or will they all run and hide and pretend as if they were merely following their “civic duty”?  Do these attorneys not have a duty to protect the children whom are the subject of these court proceedings?
Those spreading these falsehoods don’t need to take my advice.  In fact, you likely will not.  I implore you, however, to stop speaking about the circumstances surrounding my son’s death.  You do not have enough information to make conclusions in this matter or speak authoritatively at all.  I understand your desire to protect your reputation, but it is too late – no matter what the outcome…you will have to accept your role in this case.  The more “cover up” attempted, the worse you will look when people learn the truth.  I am not going to let you hide.  That was my promise to Prince.


  1. maddamma on November 24, 2012 at 11:58 am

    I only spent a year in this farse we call a legal system and I picked up the game. She is either an idiot or a liar.(I suspect the 2nd choice) She knew who she was dealing with as did all the other imposters. It is now time to turn over the rocks and expose all the snakes.

    • Virginia on November 24, 2012 at 4:21 pm

      You said it maddamma!